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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 16, 2011 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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this is wjz tv, wjz hd and baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it is complete coverage. it is wjz. maryland's news station. >> there is a gunman on the
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loose. >> secret service agents are looking for the person that fired a shot at the white house. >> hello again i am don scott. >> and i am jessica kartalija. >> here is what people were talking about today, that the president was not at home when the secret service says a bullet hit the white house. agents are trying to determine if it is connected to gunfire in the area last week. it is danielle nottingham with the latest from the white house. >> reporter: the secret service is investigating a bullet that hit the white house. agents found a cracked exterior window at 1600 pennsylvania avenue tuesday morning. they also found a second round outside the white house. the secret service is trying to figure out if the bullets are linked to an incident friday night. police swarmed the area after witnesses heard gunfire,
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authorities tracked down a car and an ak-47 a few blocks away near the roosevelt bridge. president obama was not here when the shots were fired, he was in california, but agents are looking for a man they say may be a threat to the president. evidence collected from the car found on friday led police to issue an arrest warrant for oscar ortega hernandez. >> this is a man who discharged a rifle in downtown dc. i think that speaks volumes. >> reporter: a search is underway for him. he has an arrest record in three states and investigators say evidence shows he has a fixation with the white house. in washington danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> earlier this year police charged a marine corps reservist with several predawn shootings targeting military buildings around the capitol. >> amid a growing crack down on occupy protests around the
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country, protesters here are feeling the heat. derek valcourt has more on what they are saying. >> reporter: they have been asked to stop camping downtown, so far they have refused to do that and the city has refused to force them out. >> leave the park, you will be subject to arrest. >> reporter: in new york police convicted evicted occupy new york protesters and tensions are high. >> every time they do crack down on a free speech movement like that it only grows. >> reporter: at baltimore word is out about what is happening in other cities, protesters say they don't happen here. >> we would act peacefully but we never know how the police force is going to act. i think it is important to stand by our principals as peaceful demonstrators and to not let the violence sway our beliefs. >> we are going to deal with it
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at a time of our choosing really. >> reporter: this morning the mayor acknowledged protesters are ignoring rules but she would not specify how the city plans to deal with the occupy encamp piments. >> it is certainly concerning but while we have the protesters down there we also have a vulnerable population that has joined the encamp piments and i immediate to make sure we do what is right by ht by right by them as well. >> reporter: this weekend they plan to join the protesters downtown. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> thanks, we will have more later. demonstrators caused a disturbance at johns hopkins university last night. a dozen people interrupted a speech by karl rove, who they
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called the architect of occupy iraq. but he fired right back. >> you know what? if you don't have the courage to sit here and then ask your questions, you are just showing your moral cowardice, you just go ahead and stand in lined a have the courage to stand in line and ask any dam question you want or you can continue to act like a buffoon and this is going to happen. >> they were removed from campus. >> he is one of the people that witnessed the sex abuse at penn state university and now assistant coach mike mccreary has spoken to cbs news. ron has more on this. >> reporter: hi, don, he is defending himself against claims he didn't do enough to stop jerry sandusky. in a recent e-mail to a friend he says he did intervene when he saw sandusky sexually assaulting a boy in the shower. he went on to say he notified police and the person in charge of university police following
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the incident. while he says he is not able to talk at length he spoke to cbs news about his emotions. >> this process has to play out. i just don't have anything else to say at all. >> okay. and then just ones last thing. just describe your emotions right now. >> all over the place, just kind of -- shaken. >> crazy. >> crazy. >> he says he has received several death threats and is currently on administrative leave. don, back to you. >> thank you very much, ron. sandusky is charged with abusing eight boys, he denies any wrongdoing. >> the family of a murdered law student from maryland is one step closer to getting justice, the grand jury in georgia has indicted stephen mcdaniel in the murder of loren giddings of laurel. he was arrested shortly after her body was found inside a trash can near her home. police say the two were neighbors but it is still
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unclear why he attacked here. some are taking issue with the way the police department does business. according to our partner the sun the budget office has spent more than 10 million dollars over the past three years defend in the police department against lawsuits mostly for brutality allegations. some city lawmakers say other parts of the budget are suffering as a result. >> a warm but wet morning commute with some fog mixed in and things have not improved much outside. take a live look out there right now. still covered by clouds and it looks like fog and it is still raining on and off. so let's go for more over to marty bass in the first warning weather center. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, don, good afternoon, everybody. let's take a look at first warning doppler weather radar and i agree with on and off although a lot of you are seeing steady rain. it has flipped over the past six hours but what i want to do is widen out here and show you
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there is a really a bun bunch of rain getting ready to head our way. look there. that slug of moisture is moving in a northeasterly direction right at us, timing betweening like 4:00 and 7:00 tonight. we will have shower between now and then but late afternoon through the commute into the early evening hours we are going to have our steadiest rain and take a look at our watch, warning and advisory graphic, the warning for the shore are for degrading travel conditions because that rain coming our way. we will talk more about that during our first warning weather segment. now back to you. >> the warning period is over, from now on speeders in howard county will have to slow down or pay up. speed cameras are up in school zones, drivers caught going 12 miles per hour or more over the speed limit will receive a $40
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ticket instead of just a warning. the county has two cameras but the law allows for up to 8. the ravens are back on the practice field in owens mills today after spending yesterday helping those less fortunate. linebacker jamel mcclain hosted his second annual thanksgiving dinner for families in need while ray lewis handed out turkeys, several teammates helped out at both events. the ravens have a big divisional showdown coming up this weekend. you can see all the action as the ravens take on the bengals right here on wjz. kickoff is at 1:00. >> and still to come on wjz's eyewitness news at noon it wasn't santa claus but a surprising discovery made inside a chimney in atlanta. we will tell you what happened there. >> off the hook. why justin bieber is more carefree today. details coming up. >> take another live look outside at the weather. stick around your complete first warning weather forecast is still coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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police make a very unusual rescue at a home in atlanta. officers responded after a teen crawled down a chimney and got stuck. turns out he was trying to break in and had to wait more than 12 hours for neighbors to
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call police. he was freed then arrested. >> airline passengers aren't the only ones who don't like those new check bag -- check bag fees. the tsa is not a fan of them either. in the last two years they say the passengers have flown with 90 million additional carry on bags trying to save a little money. the increase adds an extra challenge for the screeners trying to keep those lines moving. >> it takes more time in two areas one is just the sheer volume of the bags, the carry on bags. then 2, most are fairly densely packed because people are trying to get everything in. >> on the other side of the coin check bag fees brought in more than 3 billion dollars for the airline industry last year. >> bank of america says it is committed to making as much money as possible from everything from debit card fees, extortion and bribery, at least that is what the company's page on the new google plus social networking
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site said. turns out someone made a fake bank of america page then filled it with fake postings. the page has been down since then. it seems pop star justin bieber is not a dad after all. tmz is reporting a california woman has dropped her suit against the teenaged star. he maintained he never met the woman before and was planning to take a dna test to prove it. his attorney has threatened to sue her for slander. >> that suit may still come. still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at noon it is a very wet afternoon outside so please stick around. your complete forecast is now just two and a half minutes away. >> but first here is a look at today's midday stocks and last night's winning lottery numbers. ♪
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it's foolproof. now, first alert weather, complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. >> all right. so we get -- >> is it one of those days. >> that picture has not changed much. >> now, this morning i will let you y'all know, now some of you are waking up from third shift, this kind of like your morning edition, that is what i wanted to say this morning, the heck with it, just pull the covers up over your head and go back to sleep. >> a bad hair day. >> and you could not have put
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it any better, a bad hair day. let's take a look at radar, the big shrub of moisture i have an arrow here, that is what is coming our way and it is steady and at times heavy rain coming in. we are about to get a break in the action, so when it stops raining in your neighborhood figure a couple of hours, then kaboom. here it comes going to be a sloppy commute home from school and work. right now on tv hill it is 56 with a 55 dew point, heck this morning it was 55 and 55 with 100% humidity. it is murky, foggy conditions if it is not raining. calm winds barometer has dropped now to 29.78. 9 degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. again let's take oakland out of the equation for this conversation and the same for those. everybody else in the mid-50s, cum beer land, haggerstown, dc, easton, elkton, bell layer, west mince stir, columbia, and
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rock rock hall, that was kept island, and there is chillier out west that will be here tomorrow. i think this slug of moisture though is going to take a while to get to and through the area, i would not be surprised if we wake up tomorrow morning still see gray skies and showers, skies slowly clear tomorrow. the breeze kicks up. then we get into a pretty good run of weather. rain, maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon, what is that all about. 63 is the high, 45, rain potentially tapering late. tomorrow eventually breezy, cooler, clouds yielding to sun but it may be a gray and damp morning with a high of 52. we will look at the five-day- forecast here, better hair day is coming. >> good to know, thank you. >> is a windy day a bad hair day. >> no, that is a pony tail day. >> okay, fine. >> and a and a stew pay
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warning. >> we will have that next. >> we have ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in today's wjz health watch, according to a new study, pneumonia, is the most common infection for people recovering from heart surgery. the results surprised
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researchers, who expected the most common infections to be those involving the incision site. researchers also discovered most infections occur two weeks after sur jerry, surgery, not one week as previously thought. a new suddeny suggests that sex during teenage years can harm your health well into adulthood. researchers found young hamsters who had sex later showed signs of depression and had their changes in their brain cells. researchers say the nervous system is still developing during adolescence and the body might interpret sexual activity as a stressor. >> check back in with us today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 when a judge decides about the competency of the ringleader in the imprisonment of the adults there. and a warning about spam involving graphic pictures and more, join us for these and more at 4:00, right after dr.
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all right. >> hum. >> well, it is murky. >> yeah. >> it is -- the weather though is really going to turn out well. bad hair today, ponytail day tomorrow. i will never look at weather the same again after this discussion. let's look at the weather, 52 tomorrow, it is breezy. you will know the cold front
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coming through when you hear the breeze, wind pick up, probably overnight early tomorrow, winds calm, 50, then almost 60 saturday, beautiful sunny for the ravens game, mid- 60s with sun, gray skies with shower, another bad hair day, 64 degrees on monday, could be b h g day. >> that is our line up. >> finally this noon thanksgiving is a little more than a week away but we are getting a sneak peek at the new floats, take a look at the additions to the parade. they unveiled some floats but to see them all tune in on turkey day. that is how i feel after i eat thanksgiving dinner. like a giant float. >> or one of those big balloons that flies over. >> you get a little base when
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you belch. >> yeah, marty. >> well, they told us to stretch up here, that would be good for 10 seconds. >> enjoy this weather. you have him to thank. you have him to thank. have a wonderful day everyone, ,
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